Boat choice and river levels and other fun stuff

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Boat choice and river levels and other fun stuff

Hello all! I'd like to second the notion that the forums could use a little more authority in the responses, but hey, we will take what we can get. I want to thank those of you who have posted videos and write ups and photos!! All wonderful, and very appreciated!

This is a hybrid repeat of some other posts that went unanswered, for those with experience on the James, as I have never seen it off of my iPad and interactive maps, let alone paddled it.

How are the water levels this year? Higher or lower than last year?

I see a brave man paddling a stellar ski in some photos, and quite a few composite touring boats, are the rocky sections doable (I understand this is relative but using the common sense approach for someone who's never seen the river) without throwing a composite/carbon/glass boat away after?

Those in the poly epic v7, did you feel like you had the perfect hybrid vessel for the journey or was the rotomolded ski lacking the speed of a composite ski without the comfort and stability and storage of a poly touring boat.

Would anyone care to reply with their speed over ground if you had one-- how fast were boats moving in years past?
Also!! Anybody coordinating a shuttle for the long race to the starting line or something or does everyone come with a healthy pit crew!? I might have to go this one alone, so I'd love to make some friends!!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we can get some discussion going, even if it'sless than helpful and  just to get excited for the big day!